Gaming in Nursing

An interesting article I found on gaming in nursing education.  I found this particular relevant to my practice as I like to keep my classroom fun and relevant.

In an article by Day-Black, Merrill, Konzelman, Williams and Hart (2015), the focus is on gaming as a teaching-learning strategy for students in a community health nursing program. The term ‘digital’ students was given for anyone born after 1983 (para.1). These students find traditional learning environments limiting and need engagement, technology and entertainment. Instead of juvenile, classroom exams, the article emphasizes serious games meant to be used in an informal setting. Serious gaming allows for a meaningful learning experience for the student, in a place that is relevant to them, combining kinetic and tactile learning styles of the digital nurse. The implementation of this program began when instructors noticed nursing students were bored with the standard delivery of instructional material. The premise of the program is based on the first three levels of Bloom’s taxonomy: knowledge, comprehension, and application. The laying of learning for the course was to provide a variety of methods of learning, including gaming. A limitation was, not all students were of the digital generation, and therefore, there was still a place for the traditional classroom. Although, gaming is fun and addresses a particular generations needed, the game must be evidence-based with clear goals and objectives focused on learning for the course.

Day-Black, C., Merrill, E., Konzelman, L., Williams, T., and Hart, N. (2015). Gamification: An innovative teaching-learning strategy for the digital learning students in a community health nursing course. ABNF Journal, pp.90-94.

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