Revolutionizing Nursing Education

Dr. Patricia Thomas from the University of Texas at Arlington hosted an interesting TED Talk on a trend in nursing education entitled Revolutionizing Nursing Education.  Her school has launched a digital simulation lab for students learning.  They recognized the digital age of their students and adapted learning to accommodate this need. The basis of the program is gaming in 3D. The lab would take a case, such as a newborn baby, then provide visuals and real-time case Interactive Ventilatorsituations.  The student may be doing an online newborn physical assessment her baby then the situation changes to an absent heart beat.  The student would have to use his/her current knowledge to navigate lab works, tests, doctors orders, and procedures.  The overall learning experience builds as the student progresses through the lab.  The program taps into students critical thinking and knowledge.  Professors monitor the students work and can Professor's Notesamend the program based on current teachings.  This is a truly revolutionary method of teaching and learning in a skills based program such as nursing.


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