Skype Call

The Skype call with my assigned partner (Curt) was interesting. I did not particularly enjoy the experience, as I like to work completely on my own, but I do recognize the value in sharing ideas in a class about adult education.

Curt discussed a trend in his field in the federal government related to transferring learning.  He mentioned employees are younger and more tech savvy, therefore, do not want a formal teaching environment for on the job learning.  This is a threat to someone like Curt, who is the educator, and could put him out of a job.  The key is an enterprising approach, which combines classroom and technology.  The problem may be, the cost savings with the online approach.  His research did not include what was included with the cost savings or actual numbers.

This was interesting to me as Curt’s area of focus is procurement, but the progression from structured classrooms to online employee education is occurring in many professions. One hospital I worked at, I had to attend inservices over a four month period, in a classroom.  Now, the delivery mode is online and can be done at home.  It is comforting to know all industries are struggling the same way and need to adapt to their clientele.

Photo credits:;_ylu=X3oDMTBxNG1oMmE2BHNlYwNmcC1hdHRyaWIEc2xrA3J1cmwEaXQD/RV=2/RE=1450094010/RO=11/


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